Bite-Size HIPAA®: Social Media and HIPAA

For Dental Practices | Presented by Nathan Colt

Bite Overview

Let’s just jump right in and get started, shall we?

Who, specifically, is responsible for HIPAA compliance at your dental office?

Is it you?

If you’re not sure – let’s get that figured out first. It can be a dentist, an office manager, a hygienist – it doesn’t matter. Who’s going to take this proverbial bull by the horns?

Do you have a name in mind? Yes?

Bite-Size HIPAA® is for that person – now affectionately referred to as your practice’s designated Security and/or Privacy Official(s). Congratulations! You just took the first step in your HIPAA compliance journey.

The Bite-Size HIPAA® curriculum was conceived as an attempt to dissect and simplify the confusing, overwhelming, and often paralyzing task of becoming HIPAA compliant. Nathan Colt’s relatable, practical, and often quirky presentations – recorded during live workshops in Boise, Idaho^ - have come to serve as coaching sessions, reframing HIPAA as a valuable tool for your dental practice, instead of something to be feared.

In this “Bite” – SOCIAL MEDIA & HIPAA - we discuss common Internet (marketing) activities within the context of HIPAA compliance. Privacy and/or Security Officials will leave this workshop with:

  • An understanding of how previously discussed topics including HIPAA permitted disclosures and minimum necessary apply to the day-to-day management of your practice’s Internet marketing efforts
  • Tips for interacting with patients on social media and responding to online reviews that ensure compliance
  • A sample Employee Social Media Policy and related procedures for both your practice managed account(s) as well as personal (employee) account(s)
  • A sample Patient Authorization form granting permission to publish and manage any requested revocation of patient images and testimonials
  • A “Social Media and HIPAA” internal staff training agenda / worksheet

^ Recorded during a live workshop in Boise, Idaho, on October 25, 2018

Access to this Bite expires 90 days after its purchase. We recommend you participate in at least one Bite every quarter – completing the training and implementation of each Bite before moving on to another. As we mentioned above, this is our attempt at simplifying a very complex subject. We’ve received numerous requests asking to make this information more accessible and reviewable, so that is why we’ve created this online program. If it’s not for you, we won’t take it personally, and if you’re unhappy for any reason, just send an email within 7 days of your initial purchase to and we’ll issue you a full refund – well… all but $.30 cuz that’s how PayPal rolls.

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Nathan Colt
Nathan Colt
HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner

Nathan Colt is an experienced cyber security professional who works almost exclusively with dentists.  He’s actively engaged in helping dentists protect their practices and their patients. In 2009, he co-founded Small Horse Technology, a company that provides proprietary network security solutions and support tailored to the needs of dental practices. Nathan has a working knowledge of strict security standards including HIPAA, PCI DSS, general practices of ISO 27k, and understands how each applies specifically to the dental industry. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a certified HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP).

Guest Presenter: Todd Baker, JD

Frequently called on to provide legal counsel for each “Bite”, Todd Baker is a uniquely qualified attorney with extensive experience regarding the intersection of HIPAA and technology. Todd offers legal insights and strategic business advice at various times during each workshop. Todd earned his undergraduate degree in business at Boise State University and completed his law degree at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Bite Objectives

Bite-Size Risk Assessment: Social Media and HIPAA